Month: December 2022

How To Win Betting College Football Bowls!

How To Win Betting College Football Bowls!

Best Bowl Handicapper

Joe Duffy has been betting the bowls since early 1980s and has been a professional handicapper since 1988. He has picked up quite a few betting secrets and exposed some square myths. He does exactly that in this bowl betting expose, definite do’s and don’ts for bowl wagering. You do not want to miss this at all. 

Best Offshore Sportsbooks

Want a bookie that pays on time? MyBookie pays both my clients and I on time, every time. It’s the one sportsbook I never have nor hear any issues with. Double deposit up to $1,000 +$10 casino chip. Bet big, collect big.

I always shop for the best lines and if you love to bet under, check out GT Bets! I find they too often shade towards the over and I get a ton of value in betting unders. 

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