Free Pick Tennessee-Florida, Sharp NFL and CFB Report With Critical Details

Super sharp betting intel from CEO Joe Duffy. Line moves, contrarian bets, money moves and more for NFL week 3 betting and college football week 4. He also has a big pick on Tennessee vs. Florida. 

Pro Bettors Report For Saturday College Football Sharp Moves Betting Podcast

Joe Duffy of breaks down the super sharp report for college football Saturday week 3. This is brought to you by MyBookie which has a double your first bonus for sports betting plus $10 casino chip. Line moves, public betting patterns for contrarian bettors. The biggest computer moves and a free pick from the Grandmaster himself. 

  • Joe Duffy’s Picks


Every gambler and bookie knows, this is my time of the year. Get on board or bet on your own and keep the bookies in business for us. I will win with or without you. I prefer with you and so should you. Six college football Saturday, led two Wise Guys led by ABC Interconfernce Total of the Year. Get the picks now 

***Seven NFL Sunday. As long as you have a pick pack that includes Sunday to access. Stevie Vincent, Top Technical Handicapper in History 

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Only the highest rated plays from the highest rated handicappers in their highest rated sports have been here since scorephone days of 1980.

Clear cut #1 football this season, college and NFL combined, since preseason is an established winner. Sports Service out of Los Angeles is No. 1 all sports combined since 2010. Their top plays are Dead Mortal Locks. Dead Mortal Lock Non-Conference Game of the Year on Auburn vs. Penn State, plus another on Purdue vs. Notre Dame

The No. 1 college sports, basketball and football combined makes only picks in those sports and has been winning since 2004. Four bets, two sides, two totals 

#1 all-time college football is also is #1 for this century in units won in all sports. Known for his Double-Double Best Bets, a rarity.ACC Double-Double Best Bet of the Year Florida State vs. Wake Forest. Get a free sports service bet, which also has the full menu, then Get the picks now    

  • Stevie Vincent, Top Technical Handicapper in History 


 Top angle in each game is a combined in your favor 71-10. We unlock the angles inside the play. Five collegiate gridiron winners, three are Level 5 for Saturday. Get the picks now 

NFL Betting Tips Week 2 Tailgate Party Football ATS Trends

Joe Duffy, the leader in betting analytics breaks down ATS trends for many games including Titans-Seahawks, Cowboys-Chargers, Saints-Panthers, Raiders-Steelers, Bills-Dolphins, Patriots-Jets, Chiefs-Ravens, Rams-Colts, 49ers-Eagles, are among the big games for week 2 NFL picks. 

Two Friday sides, four Saturday college football, two Wise Guys led by ABC Interconfernce Total of the Year. Seven NFL Sunday from Joe Duffy of Since 1988, no handicapper has dominated any sport the way Joe Duffy has the NFL. This is indisputable.

Top Betting Podcast: Week 2 College Football Wagering Trends

Iowa-Iowa State, Oregon-Ohio State, Florida-South Florida, Texas-Arkansas, Utah-BYU, Stanford-USC are among the top games covered by football specialist, Joe Duffy of

Duffy gives the Tailgate Party podcast, which began back on the scorephones in the 1980s. 

Bet Now has the lowest juice of any vetted sportsbook. The cheap lines will add up and win a dime player thousands of dollars more over a football season. 

Beat the Bookie With Famed NFL Betting Week 1 Preview Tailgate Party

Broncos-Giants, Seahawks-Colts, 49ers-Lions, Steelers-Bills, Eagles-Falcons, Packers-Saints, Dolphins-Patriots, Bears-Rams, Browns-Chiefs previews from a betting standpoint thanks to Joe Duffy, CEO of  

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Week 1 College Football Picks: ATS Trends on High Profile Games

Joe Duffy, America’s Greatest Handicapper, has ATS betting trends in score phone style for the first big Saturday of college football.

#1 sports service all sports combined for 2021 internationally respected for Bet the Ranch Plays. Only Bet the Ranch bet of college football so far on is on Georgia vs. Clemson side

#1 college football handicapper last year and last three years combined is known for his Double-Double Best Bets, a rarity. First Double-Double Best Bet of Year. Get the PicksDepot winners immediately

Tailgate Party Sports Wagering Podcast Friday Night ATS Trends

North Carolina-Virginia Tech, Old Dominion-Wake Forest, Duke-Charlotte, Michigan State-Northwestern trend sports betting report. SportsBetting has an incredible 100% signup bonus. They are a vetted sportsbook so this is no joke.

Tailgate Party Betting Podcast; Thursday Night Betting Trends ATS

Thursday night begins the first big weekend of college football. Temple-Rutgers, Boise State-UCF, East Carolina-Appalachian State, South Florida-NC State, Bowling Green-Tennessee, Ohio State-Minnesota. Week 1 college football trends come to you from  

Big Ten Football Preview By a Pro Bettor

Great sports handicapper Joe Duffy breaks down the Big Ten from a betting standpoint. Who are the dark horse teams? What to look for in live betting? Get some free season win picks. Duffy is CEO of PicksDepot.comand the top sports capper in the business

College Football Podcast For Bettors: Opening Night NCAAF Trends ATS, Moneyline, Over-Under

The top sports betting podcast features Joe Duffy, CEO of breaking it all down for August 28, 2021 opening night of college football betting. Follow the Grandmaster at @picksdepot

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